REX Alu-MTB Fully 27,5" 650B

Category: ATB / MTB

If control's important even when riding for sport, then the GRAVELER 8.6 is the right choice! With the Fully, the Suntour XCT fork deflects shocks, while the adjustable suspension system provides greater traction, keeping your bike better under control on uneven terrain.

The Shimano Deore 27-speed gearshift offers a wide range of riding options, with quick and precise switching to the right gear. The hydraulic disc brakes from Shimano also bring your mountain bike safely to a halt. The Continental tyres ensure grip on whatever the surface. Choose the GRAVELER 8.6 and enjoy riding on every terrain!

Price (incl. Vat.) (RRP, incl. Vat.) 839.95 €
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SHIMANO DEORE 27-speed chain gearshift with Rapid-Fire shifting lever
SHIMANO hydraulic disc brakes
SELLE ROYAL MTB design saddle
Seat post
REX Alu patented seat post
EXAL Alu-Airliner rims with rings, 32-hole
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The REX GRAVELER 8.6 is a bicycle of the category: ATB / MTB


Mountain Bikes (MTBs) and All-Terrain Bikes (ATBs) are both super sporty bikes that deliver a tonne of adrenaline!

The combination of a sturdy frame, a top-notch suspension system, profiled tyres, and powerful derailleurs make MTB/ATBs great fun to ride on-road and off. The choice of the right MTB / ATB depends on the exact purpose, because mountain biking and all-terrain biking are probably the most varied cycling experiences. No matter whether you decide for cross-country, downhill, freeride, or long rides, the strong disc brakes, the shock-absorption of the suspension, and a high-quality drive are crucial.

The mountain bike is used more for sport cycling and less as a means of transport. It is often not equipped with the components required in Germany for use on public roads such as lights, bell, and reflectors. Of course, if these are added, our MTB/ATBs can also be used on the road, but there's no doubt that riding across hilly terrain is a lot more fun.