REX Alu-MTB 24"

Category: Children´s bike

Ready, steady, go! With the REX GRAVELER JUNIOR, nothing stands in the way of meeting those first off-road riding challenges. The robust mountain bike offers young riders looking to conquer the woods with parents or friends the necessary stability and safety to ensure lots of cycling fun!

No matter which path you take, which obstacle you want to overcome, or which slope you want to ride down, the 24-inch REX GRAVELER JUNIOR has a good range of gear options allowing the perfect gear to be selected for every occasion. Overall, the Shimano derailleur provides 21 gears that can be quickly and easily set thanks to the rotary gear switch on the handlebars.

On shorter journeys as well as on longer discovery tours, the suspension fork of the REX GRAVELER JUNIOR reliably absorbs the bumps and shocks, providing better grip and greater cycling pleasure. For a good reduction in speed, this children's MTB is equipped with solid Promax aluminium V brakes, which bring the bike to a halt quickly and safely. The robust design of this 13 kg children's wheel allows a total weight of 80 kg (176 lbs.) in the saddle.
Price (incl. Vat.) (RRP, incl. Vat.) 299.95 €
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The REX GRAVELER TWENTYFOUR is a bicycle of the category: Children´s bike


REX Bike offers bicycles designed especially for children both in terms of weight and size and in how they ride. In terms of safety, our children's bicycles are a reliable partner for riding fun. We offer two types of children's bicycles: mountain bikes and BMX bikes, both guaranteed to give your kids the fun of cycling from a young age.

Our mountain bikes for children are all equipped with Shimano derailleurs, aluminium V brakes, and a MTB handlebar and are suitable for short rides as well as for longer rides in your free time.
The BMX models, on the other hand, are specially designed for cool stunts and feats of bravery: they can be ridden backwards, have large pedals with foot pegs for a firm footing, and small thick wheels for acrobatic tricks.
The small tyres make them less suitable for use on long journeys, but its compact manoeuvrability gives junior riders even more fun on wild terrain or on ramps and courses.