REX Fitnessbike 28"

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If you value versatility when it comes to fitness, you can't beat the REX GRAVELER 7.3! No matter if you want to conquer the urban jungle, discover the challenges of the terrain, or head out on a long bike ride, the REX fitness bike leaves all possibilities open!

An ideal training tool for building endurance, muscle, or general fitness, the REX GRAVELER 7.3 combines the speed of a road bike and the off-road capability of a mountain bike. The shifting range of the 24-speed Shimano Acera derailleur with the Rapid Fire gearshift lever is designed for high speed and steep mountains and offers the perfect gear for any situation. The wider cross-bike tires provide good grip on field and forest trails, but also on roads.

And if you're someone who likes to tackle rides with speed, the REX GRAVELER 7.3 nevertheless will let you come to a halt quickly and safely at any time with the Promax hydraulic disc brakes in any weather or on any terrain. The sporty fitness bike also offers tall riders plenty of room for fun thanks to the 55 cm frame height!
More information about our fitness bikes can be found in our product video:
Price (incl. Vat.) (RRP, incl. Vat.) 529.95 €
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The REX FITNESS is a bicycle of the category: fitnessbike


Whether you're crossing the urban jungle or heading out into nature, our fitness bike is the perfect combination of sport and fun. Just get out there and do something for your body & soul with this, the ideal training tool for endurance, muscle, and personal fitness.

This fitness bike is similar to a road bike and is also equipped with a derailleur. Only the tyres are a bit wider than those of a racing bike, allowing you to ride safely on unpaved trails, too.
The narrow rims and wheels let you hit the speed you're looking for, while also ensuring an extremely smooth run and propulsion. A fitness bike allows the rider to sit with a comfortable, upright posture, relieving the pressure on his or her spine.