REX Alu-MTB Fully 27,5"

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True strength sets the GRAVELER e8.9 apart! The Aluminium MTB Fully is powered by our most powerful engine, the AEG SportDrive. The maximum torque of 100 Nm puts this 48 V mid-mounted engine among the power engine class. The torque sensor ensures that the engine reacts effectively to your own pedalling power, allowing you to enjoy an optimal riding experience. The semi-integrated downtube battery from AEG is just right for long, sporty tours. At 600 Wh, it is extremely powerful and offers a maximum range of up to 180 km. 

The multi-function LCD display shows everything important at a glance, including the level of engine support, the speed, and battery charge remaining. The USB port can even be used to charge your smartphone on the go. The proKey provides protection against theft because it contains a chip that unlocks the electronic immobilizer and allows you to switch on the E-MTB. 

You can also shift gears on the Shimano XT 10-speed derailleur with precision. The Shimano hydraulic disc brakes also give you optimal braking power and control. The Suntour suspension fork helps you retain control of your bike. The handlebar remote control controls the shock absorption of the suspension fork. You'll appreciate the grip of the Continental tyres, especially when off-road. The high-end features ensure plenty of riding pleasure on your next mountain biking adventure!

More informationen about our E-MTB can be found in our product video: Video
Price (incl. Vat.) (RRP, incl. Vat.) 2,899.95 €
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AEG SportDrive midengine, 48 Volt, three-phase current sensor, with starting aid and shifting sensor
250 Watt, max. 100 Nm
Control unit
AEG LCD-multifunction display, incl. USB-charging function, Smartphone-control a. proKey function
Rechargeable battery
AEG downtube battery lithium ion , 48 Volt, 12.8 Ah (600Wh), item no.: 0490
approx. 180 km (depending on cycling style)
SHIMANO XT 10-speed chain gearshift with Rapid-Fire shifting lever
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The REX GRAVELER e8.9 is a bicycle of the category: E-MTB


E-bikes are what bicycles with pedal assist are called. These electric motors on e-bikes are activated by the rider's own pedalling power and thus only assist the rider's performance.

The e-bikes, also known as pedelecs, are suitable for a variety of applications thanks to the electric motor: e-bikes are as much at home in the mountains as they are on the daily commute through the city to work or on extended bicycle tours.
E-bikes are powered by lithium-ion batteries that offer up to 500 Wh. Each battery charge lets e-bikes cover 70 km with assistance. In Germany, an e-bike or pedelec can be used on public roads, but only with a maximum 250 W engine and only at speeds of up to 25 km/h.

They are treated as bicycles and do not require registration plates, liability insurance, driving licences, or helmets in Germany.
E-bikes or pedelecs allow a new, dynamic and comfortable way to cycle for riders of all ages. At REX Bike we offer sporty e-MTBs in attractive colours and designs for sporty cycling with electric assist.