Rex Bike – E-Bike Antriebe

E-MTB drive technology - the right system for every need


It is the drive system that makes the REX E-MTB what it should be: a reliable companion for your individual e-mobility. As different as the application areas are, is also our range of high quality motors, accumulators and displays from different suppliers.

Critical factors for selecting the drive system are factors such as your pedaling force, the route profile or the desired range. So the demands and burdens of traveling in the mountains or on long tours are very different than shopping in the city. In order to meet your requirements and the budget, we develop together with our drive partners AEG and BLAUPUNKT E-MTBs for various applications.

Mid-engine or front-wheel drive, seat tube battery or fully integrated power supply? Discover the diversity and differences between the different systems on the undersides of our drive partners AEG and BLAUPUNKT.

AEG E-Bike Antriebe – REX Bike

REX Bike & AEG - Technology meets action


Sophisticated e-bike drives from AEG for the perfect e-MTB experience. With AEG, a brand with a long history in the field of electric motors, our E-MTBs are equipped for your driving pleasure.


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Blaupunkt – REX Bike

BLAUPUNKT - Entry into the E-MTB driving pleasure


With the new entry-level models from BLAUPUNKT, we asked for new attractive offers in the E-MTB segment.Discover the latest the new drive.


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