650b vs 29er by Prophete

REX E-MTBs – conquering terrains one way or the other



The mountain is calling, but you still lack the right e-MTB to hearken to its cry? Then you've come to the right place! You can easily and directly buy the right e-mountain bike for your needs in our shop. Or, if you have any questions, we can help you. You might be wondering which size is right for you: a 27.5" (650B) or a 29"?


Ultimately, you have to decide for yourself. But we can offer you some arguments in favour of each size that may help you in your decision. Whether 27.5" (650B) or 29" is ideal for you depends on various individual and personal factors. For example, what kind of rider are you? On what kind of terrain or in what riding situations do you feel most confident and comfortable?  


Below, we have listed a number of aspects and special features for both the 27.5" (650B) and 29" E-MTBs to help you decide. But we think the best tip we can give is to test it! But no matter, both sizes deliver tremendous riding pleasure on- and off-road!  

New tire size for off-roaders - with 27.5 "+ sporty through the terrain

For bikers who are away from the roads with the mountain bike or all terrain bike on the road, we now offer in addition to internally routed trains and new frame shapes, the 27.5 "+ - tires, which means: Even more driving pleasure for sporty off-roader! With the version between 29er and fatbike tires can handle steep climbs and fast downhill runs - thanks to increased grip and ideal self-damping.

A direct comparison of the two main MTB sizes


Advantages of the 650B/27.5"


  • Larger wheel combined with comfortable spring suspension
  • Less rolling resistance than with 26"
  • Quieter ride
  • Only minimally heavier than a 26" wheel
  • More agile than a 29" wheel


Conclusion: lighter-weight bike with fast acceleration

Advantages of the 29"


  • Smoother ride even at low speeds
  • Easy rolling over obstacles like roots and potholes
  • Less effort required
  • Also suitable for larger riders



Conclusion: bigger tyres for more comfort