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REX MTB – for every terrain around home



Take a break from everyday life and test your off-road limits. If that sounds perfect for you, we probably have the perfect bike for you: an MTB from REX Bike. Regardless of which hill, stretch, or track you want to conquer, you can rely on robust MTBs from REX Bike in any situation!  


Designed for use in challenging terrain and made for all sorts of riding pleasure, our current MTB models are special favourites with riders who want a sporty ride over rough terrain. With their solid equipment and durable components, the rugged ATBs and MTBs from REX Bike are easy to handle and powerful even in demanding terrain and difficult weather conditions.  


Of course, there's no need to give up any sportiness and dynamism just because you've feel good about being safe on your wheels. When we develop and make our sturdy MTBs, we make sure that they are both fun and safe to ride, ready to conquer whatever terrain that lies before you. So what are you waiting for? Climb on and get off the road!  

MTB ATB Schaltwerk Rex Bikes

MTB rear derailleur


Quick shift: The smooth derailleur system of an ATB and MTB from REX Bike enables fast adaptation to a wide range of terrains and ensures carefree riding pleasure.

MTB ATB Rahmen Rex Bikes

MTB brakes


If necessary, take things slow: All ATBs and MTBs from REX Bike feature powerful brakes that quickly and safely reduce speed in any terrain.

MTB ATB Gabel Rex Bikes

MTB fork


Safely on the move: The sturdy forks of the ATBs and MTBs from REX Bike provide more safety, especially when riding on uneven roads and off-road.

MTB ATB Inennzuege Rex Bikes

MTB shocks


Well cushioned: Thanks to the robust shocks, the MTBs from REX Bike ensure a high level of comfort – and greater riding pleasure!

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MTB /ATB – Rex Bike
MTB ATB – Rex Bike
MTB ATB – Rex Bikes