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You just can’t decide between a racing bike and a mountain bike? You don’t have to. With a fitness bike from REX Bike, you can easily combine the speed of a racing bike with the off-road capability of a MTB. Thanks to this combination, the fitness bike can be used flexibly and is guaranteed to work on level ground as well as in light terrain. Fitness with a fun factor.


With a fitness bike from REX Bike, the name says it all. It doesn’t matter whether you are on the everyday paths of the urban jungle, longer distances outside of urban life, or on extended exploration tours over rough and smooth terrain: with the versatile fitness bike, you can really boost your fitness!


As an ideal training device for endurance, musculature and fitness, a fitness bike from REX Bike leaves nothing to be desired when it comes to advancing at a fast pace. With our fitness bike, you are not deciding against a racing or mountain bike but for a bike that will help you keep fit with every single push of the pedals.

Fitnessrad Felge by Rex

Fitness bike rear derailleur


Quick shift: The smooth derailleur system of a fitness bike from REX Bike enables fast adaptation to a wide range of terrains and ensures carefree riding pleasure.

Fitnessrad by rex bike

Fitness bike design


The optics count: The spacer and saddle clamp of a fitness bike from REX Bike will not only impress you with their technical advantages, but also with their design.

Fitnessrad Gabel by rex bike

Fitness bike fork


Keeping fit is easy: The fork of a fitness bike from REX Bike ensures sporty handling and uncomplicated riding pleasure.

Fitnessrad Produktvideo by rex bike

Fitness bike product video


If you would like to find out more about our fitness bike, check out the YouTube channel of PROPHETE. For all details, you can watch a product video about the fitness bike here.


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Fitnessrad Decor by rex bike
Fitnessrad Felge Rex Bike by Prophete
Fitnessrad Gabel Galerie by Prophete